Devising real estate investment to be straight forward and easy



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Commercial Real Estate

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Experience design


July 2020

Enabling fractional ownership along with exceptional gains through investment guided by data-driven insights in premium commercial properties.

About Project

Strata is a tech-enabled real estate investment brand that empowers investors to invest in marquee properties and gain significant economic benefits through fractional ownership.

Its innovative and powerful platform experience enables investors to invest, manage, track, transfer, and exit by delivering its assistance with co-ownership and diversification of investments, convenient property management on behalf of investors, seamless guidance with exits.

Backed by Asia’s marquee VC funds – Saif Partners and Mayfield, they are reimagining real estate investments.


Strata’s online platform envisions creating a marketplace that empowers investors to engage, earn, track, and sell its portfolio offerings in a straightforward, transparent, and no-hassle process.

The business’s complex operations, along with a long-standing rigid mental model, were to be transformed into an easy-to-use, attractive, and accessible decision for the investors.

Our collaboration commenced with identifying the experience, functional, and usability gaps in their existing platform. We strategized and crafted the Strata platform’s experience vision and core experience – reflecting their business goals, user needs, and resonating with their brand promise, look, feel, and guidelines.


We engaged with the founders and primary stakeholders to understand the workflow and to align on the current and future business goals to be achieved through the experience design exercise. We also studied competitors to evaluate their experience and brand promise delivered through their respective platforms.

After deriving insights from the workshops, competitor study, and the recognized gaps in the existing experience, we worked in sprints to devise and implement a fresh experience vision, information architecture, and user experience for Strata’s innovative platform.

Our experience strategy aimed at delivering a positive experience through enhanced usability, personalization, exhibiting functional and self-expressive benefits, and establishing key brand associations through symbols, look, feel, and engagement.


We designed an integrated investor platform that addresses the key use cases of – discoverability of optimal investment recommendations through personalization, initiation of a consistent and channeled investment as well as exit process, systematic tracking of portfolio performance and earnings, orderly management of all documents and reports, and maintenance of direct communication channels between the brand and investors.

The Strata investor platform builds its brand essence as a reliable investment friend guiding its users throughout the process. It extends its brand associations by engaging its investors with its symbols, look, feel, voice, and helping them recognize that ‘Strata’ signifies value creation and reliability.